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For Sale Comet Special

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Peter Holmes

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All that modern equipment, but still using a Lucas dynamo, but then again so am I on my Comet, my Son was riding it back from the Cop Hill hill climb in the pissing rain, for safety he flicked the headlamp on, which very soon starved the coil ignition and he ground to halt in Beaconsfield, turned the light off, waited a few minutes, gave the kickstart a prod, and away it went again, to be fair to Mr Lucas, we had left home a few hours previous with a partially charged battery, I had left the ignition switched on previously (again)

Just out of interest, how long could you expect a 60 watt Lucas dynamo to balance a single plug coil ignition system with standard incandescent bulbs, 35watt front.

Also I think I have asked this previously, what would be involved in changing from + earth to - earth, obviously swapping the battery terminals, do I then just flash the dynamo, what about the ammeter and the voltage regulator?

I am fitting Kellermann indicators, and seems easier with negative earth.


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The problem with dynamos in my experience is that they need to be revved to charge. Had your son been prepared to ride along in second gear then he might have been able to keep the battery charged. Before Dick Sherwin and I developed the 'Walkernator' I used a Bell conversion to give 12 volts from an original Lucas 6 v dynamo. On some of the country lanes round where I live and going round slow corners at night it was a pain and I could see the ammeter dropping back to a 6 amp discharge,

Marcus Bowden

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What drive is used, would have to be inclined to fit a smaller sprocket on like what I did when fitting a Bosch dynamo 28 to 24 teeth to increase speed and charged well at 1500 RPM.


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I don't think the question is for me. However, if it is then on Comets I use the original gear drive in the timing cover to drive a dynamo replacement. The output from this is via a poly vee belt. On all the twins I can use that to speed up the alternator to about double the engine speed. There is not enough room on the Comet to put a large pulley on the output from the dynamo replacement and so the alternator rotates at about the same speed as the engine. Over to Vic.
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Some time ago I had posted my performance numbers with the brushless motors (3 sizes available) converted to alternators. I am very confident to get power way above my needs - and will hopefully do a few miles in one or two years to confirm the bench tests, see below


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