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Comet gearbox Questiion


Well Known and Active Forum Website User
Non-VOC Member
Can a Comet gearbox be stripped and repaired (with the possible exception of the mainshaft/layshaft bearings) in-situ?

Bill Thomas

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
Hello John, I think it is possible, I remember a bloke near where I used to live, With stuff all over the street, I asked if he needed help, but he said he was fine. It might help if you tell us what's wrong. Saying that, I think it is always better to get it out onto the bench if you can, It's not too bad a job, I had to take mine out to have the back of the box welded, The alloy had broken away that holds the big spring clip, which holds the big bearing in place, I think I lost top gear and had to come home in third. Good Luck, Bill.


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VOC Member
If you want to strip the gearbox for the sake of taking the clutch off and a little bit of good old fashion wiggling and swearing you can remove the gearbox without stripping the whole machine.. It will come past the engine plate....just..John

Hugo Myatt

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
John is right. The Burman gear box will come out without dismantling the bike. It may be preferable to remove the battery platform, oil pipes and valve lifter cable. It takes a lot of juggling and is entirely dependent on the positions of the two primary chain adjuster bolts at the bottom of the gearbox shell. You may have to experiment with their relative positions. A word of WARNING. Do not try to unscrew them completely without examining the inner ends (Admittedly a difficult feat in situ.) They may have belled over due to hammering of a loose gearbox. If they have and you try to extract these adjuster bolts they will strip the threads in the gearbox as they come out.
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