Comet Clutch Problems

Chuck Reuben

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My recently acquired Comet has a clutch problem. First and foremost I am not a mechanic. However, I do enjoy tinkering. At any rate, after starting the Comet (she fired up after only two kicks) and putting her in 1st, she required a fair amount of throttle to get going. Applying more throttle, I could not keep the RPMs up and the engine stalled. Felt like the clutch was slipping. The play in the clutch lever while correct before I took off became completey loose. With no adjustment at the lever, I removed the small plate held by two screws on the clutch case and adjusted the nut removing the excess play back at the lever. Started her up again, and the problem repeated itself.

Am I in need of a complete clutch rebuild or is it something simple?




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There are several excellent threads on this forum that should give you plenty of quality reading time. A Honda-based clutch is also available if the Burman doesn't work out well enough. Do you have the Richardson book, titled Rider's Manual (I think)? It has adjustment instructions.
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Do you know which clutch is fitted to your bike? I have a Honda clutch and this was not working at all because someone had fitted the actuating arm back to front and with the bottom broken off.....


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Don't even run the 'bike until you have checked that both nuts on the gearbox mainshaft are dead tight with a locktab or Loctite on the clutch end one.The spline on the clutch end is an intolerant design! There could be other things wrong, but this is the most costly if you don't catch it quickly.