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Comet Clutch Cable/Arm


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Non-VOC Member
Can somebody tell me what position inside the cover the clutch arm should be when it is adjusted correctly (3/32 play at the top end according to Richardson). The distance between the outer top of the arm to the nearest part of the inner threaded hole where the inspection cap would be great.

The slotted centre pin in the centre of the adjuster nut is level with the nut when my arm has the correct 3/32 play. Looks like it could be in too far.

Think I've either got a cable or a pushrod that is too short. It's a Conways Honda Clutch and the actual pushrod length is not stated in the instructions, just to cut the existing rod in half and add the supplied new bit. I did this conversion a couple of years ago but this has only come to light now I'm trying to fit a new cable.

Thanks for any help.

Martyn Goodwin

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You need to set the adjuster at the gearbox end so that the clutch is JUST starting to release as the clutch arm and cable end form a right angle. This gives you the best mechanical advantage and lightest pull at the clutch lever.

Remember, if you think that the clutch rod itself is too short, you can insert a ball where the 2 half's of the rod meet


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I would recommend a 1/4 roller rather than a ball as if the pushrods are not correctly hardened a ball will wear the rods more than roller..
Also check whether the little 'half moon' section of the operating arm is not worn away,this gives a little more movement to the rods if it is in good condition.And make sure the raised 'half moon' is facing the pushrod.John
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