COMET BAP Gearbox case ~ help please!

flower pot racing

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I am luck to be allowed to ride a friends Comet in competitions.

It is having a mild refresh to make ready for the coming season. I have noticed that the gearbox center case has a 'death' crack all the way round the circumference. Whilst over hauling the box it fell inhalf! So, I am looking for a replacement.
The casings have the following numbers cast in;
I BAP M 26
then below that it says

I would like to buy a replacement. Can any one help?

Please email or call me on 0797 619 3340.
many thanks

Prosper Keating

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Not the easiest of parts to find. However, a good, experienced alloy welder should be able to repair the case as the alloy used by Burman was of reasonable quality. Not great, but not too bad. There are welders out there who can repair postwar Matchless/AJS crankcases, which is really saying something. While you're at it, check the adjustment bolt threads in the bottom lug and fix them if they look ropey.

Good luck.