Classic Collection for Twin Vincent.


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Hi i am a new UK member so i may not be in the right place so forgive me.I am looking to own a Vincent twin to restore or a plug in and go.I am willing to sell swap and pay for my life long ambition.I am just finishing a Norton fastback 1969 rare round badge Mk1 standard but in S/S Mint.I also have a Triumph Trident T160 9 1/2K engine never opened and near mint Stunning bike.Also a H/D ,V rod 19K All black, and frame Standard looks like new 2004.Also a Kawasaki Z 900 A4 still a little Chrome work to do but i am hoping to finish soon has less than 7K from new untouched engine.All my bikes are correct and i would prefer a correct Vincent but that may not be possible.So is there a Vincent out there for me,I am not in a hurry i would like to finish my bikes properly.I just thought maybe there is a bike dealer that cant move a high priced bike but could move lower priced bikes Can we do a deal.Ride safe.but ride.


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Wayne, check the VOC spares company as they often have bikes for sale. Then there is the MPH of course which always has a bike or two for sale. Next step is to try and get to a local section meet or rally where you will meet like minded people who can assist in your quest. You obviously have experience in restoring bikes but Vincents are always a bit "different" to the more common machines and you will require the standard literature to guide you. All the necessary books are available from the VOC Spares company.