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Classic British Biker Cafés

Vinnie Boy

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VOC Member
Colin, the one at Horam was Wessons (the Ogri Cafe) sadly no longer . Went there a few times great atmosphere and loads of motorcycle related photographs etc.



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I got hit in the eye by a moth and ended up in Moorfields Eye Hospital, only doing 30:rolleyes: around North London one evening.


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I would like to see a couple of "racers" like a 7R and a G45 on the road these days!
The Ace may not be exactly the same these days (what is?) but the music is right there. The ambience will never be the same again, but then, a good proportion of the clients were not even born "back in the day"
Old farts rule, yeah!
They were a good buy the 7R (1951 long stroke) was £50 from Monty & Wards Twickenham complete with bulb horn on RH footrest & goldie silencer . I knew all the revs for the speed limits if the cops stopped me and I fitted a bracket for the push bike light on the front, the rear was was a flat back battery from woolies fitted in the back pocket of my jeans and a red painted bulb in the zip pocket in the back of the racing seat (AJS fitted the pocket there as a spare spak plug holder for the TT) I bumped it everywhere and I knew every filling station on a hill in Bucks. I had a triangle of tubes that went on the footrest for a stand held on the back with an aerolastic (theres a story!) I used it for a year sole transport never let me down. sold it for £75 & thought I did well!
The G45 was £120 Steve fed it into a police car in Amersham (another story)


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I worked for Arter Bros at the end of the 1950s, They were AJS, and Matchless, James and Fanny Barnett dealers, among other things. They sponsored Derek Minter on a 7R, and it was in for some work at one time. I had a sneaky ride on it, one evening, when I was working late, absolutely loved it
The G45 was not very well thought of at Arters, don't know why, but the G50 , was . OK
I still have a Trial master waxed cotton suit bought from Arters. Tom gave me 5 bob discount on it at the time and it still cost me a week's wages. Wearing it going home late one night, all my lights went out, on a tricky bend, and I laid the bike down to avoid a metal fence on the outside of the bend. Slid along the road for some distance, and ripped a few holes in the Trialmaster suit. Belstaff repaired it for me free of charge, and it certainly saved me from a few cuts and bruises. I am still using it from time to time, and it was very appropriate with "The Arbuthnot Iron"


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