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Classic bike values


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The bottom line is .gov knew what they were doing and are still doing by making the motorcycle test complex costly and awkward while leaving the tin box test simple thus sucking away all the youth. Now getting into motorcycling is a game for the semi affluent middle aged and the organisations ( and all those mentioned by John above are basically hard nosed commercial enterprises not mutual interest organisations) do not really have motorcycling in their DNA. Even the BMF won't face up to the fact motorcycling is a leisure persuite nowadays .because we need to stop being classified with transport and being judged as a dodgy way to travel and more as a risky fun thing like mountaineering.horse riding etc then perhaps the media blackout on our pastime may end and we could involve the young again


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I have it on good authority from a well known classic bike dealer friend that classic bike values have dropped between 20 and 30 percent this year. Large quantities of bikes coming up for sale, many from deceased owners. Mainly heavy 50s bikes, A7s, A10s, Meteors, Red Hunters etc. Has the bubble finally burst and how will/have Vincent's be affected? Collectors beware (although I doubt there will be many reading this)
I have been discussing this subject on 'series D shadow valuation' part of my views I repeat below, You are 100% correct prices are dropping, I think Brexit has a lot to do with it.
"To get back to the Vincent series D thread, look at the Leominster auction prices last week and others, we certainly are experiencing falling prices with a correct Rapide only realising £32032 incl premium, maybe a D Shadow if correct is now around £45,000 to £50,000 ? whereas the one in Wales being 'not correct' in my opinion its value cannot be more than the correct rapide, probably less, just my view".

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