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Thanks to the VMCC two points discussed in posts over the past few months are a little clearer for our UK members

1. If your machine has been off the road since 31 January 1998 (SORN start date) then the new continious regulations re insure or SORN or get fined £1000 do not apply. this it seems is the only exception. that of sporting motorcycles and even formula 1 cars is still unclear (Whats a public place?)

2.The"End of Life" directive that prevents the DIY scrapping of motor vehicles and enforces their scrapping by an ATF (dont ask!) has been implemented including the removal of the 'Scrap' box on the V5. However since the thumb sucking EEC twats cant even draft legislation properly it seems they they have only included cars up to 8 passengers and vans under 3.75 tons (If you want to feel ill and powerless , try and understand www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2003/2635/made ) the upshot is perhaps we are exempt.

This is all on P71 and 72 of January VMCC mag but the whole area is a minefield of confusion and bureo-euro speak and real life could be different .Dont expect a passing bobby to have a clue about it, or a lawyer that we/you can afford. (help FBHVC?)

Just to round off the catalog of dispair, ethanol content in the knats p**s called petrol nowadays will rise from 5% to 10% by 2013 and the EU draft document on Fuel asserted that 'vehicles with carburettors can be expected to disappear quietly over the next few years so by 2013 there will no longer be a problem'. (VMCC mag P28) One thing I assure the powers that be is, the verb 'quietly' will not apply

What a sad reflection on a once free country
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