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Does anyone have an idea where I can obtain a rear number plate for a Rapide, pressed alluminium with a max depth of 5 1/2 inches. Also a discrete set of air filters for pre-monoblock Amals. Help appreciated!
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Tom Gaynor

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Number plates and air filters

I haven't bought an ally plate for a long time, but someone used to advertise in OBM. Ally and "custom" reflective plates are now described as "show plates" so that's what to look for. Show plates can be whatever size and lettering one wants (although ally plates are road legal on a vincent). "Road legal" plates otherwise have to be the standard british reflective billboard, 7 foot x 6 foot, an offence to the eye. 7" x 6" is good if, strictly speaking, illegal. Plod may notice, but hasn't so far.....

Someone in the US sells "as originally fitted for the US" - I think - Vokes filters for pre-monoblocs, and you might try a query on jtan. Otherwise, if you can ever get the bellmouths off the carbs, a K & N filter should be OK. If you get stuck I know who I can ask.


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Number Plate


Mr Tipper is doing my pplate for me at the moment, I saw them at the Stafford show - super quality. They have a template for the Vincent rear plate with the indent in the bottom centre - cost £28.75 plus £4 post and packing for a 6 letter/digit number.

Mr Tipper is a very nice chap.

Have you tried Surrey Cycles who do Amal bits for your filters - mine has two lovely tapered models with metal filter and chrome ends but they were on the bike when it came back from Australia so I don't know the supplier unfortunately - but I did see some just like it at the Stafford show so feel confident Surrey will be able to help.



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Air Filters.

You could try calling your local Vincent parts supplier for some K&N filters :D


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I'll attach the message shall I!!!

I recently purchased a pair of the Coned K&N Filters for my Open "D" Shadow (that I haven't got round to fitting as yet) from "my local Vincent parts supplier"
I have since been informed that the larger ones are the better ones as the smaller Coned ones restrict performance - any thoughts??

BTW - Top service! I ordered them and other parts early afternoon and they arrived the next morning

Tnecniv Edipar

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Just a thought , didn't Vincents originally have their reg numbers stencilled directly onto the rear number plate ? Mine is certainly that way.