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carbs 229/289 air bleed hole....


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Sorting the carbs for my `C` Shadow rebuild, I fully intend to run with some form of filtration when the bike runs again, probably K&N`s...... I Know,I Know,..... but pistons and bores are expensive and i want reliability. The carbs have a small air bleed in the side for the idle mix, which will still ingest unfiltered air if left as is.Looking at the guts of the carb, the jet block is drilled such that the air bleed(unfiltered) and the main intake emulsion drilling,(the 1/4" hole under the entrance to the main choke)both end up in the same chamber in the base of the jet block-thus surely the ext. air bleed can be blocked off to little or no effect and I can then fully filter the carb in the normal manner? Has anyone tried this/any thoughts? Bob.
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