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E: Engine Carb Fault


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VOC Member
This is a Main Jet Holder taken from a 4 Cylinder Suzuki and as can be seen is suffering.
Bike was laid up at start of Lockdown and started at least once per week.
Question is - has anyone seen this before and what can be done to prevent it happening in the future.
Thrash the thing - yes but there no where to go at present.
None of the other Carbs has this gunge on any of the other jets.IMG_1487.JPGIMG_1485.JPGIMG_1486.JPG

Comet Rider

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If this was the lowest carb, ie the bike is on a sidestand I would say it was the result of modern fuel, with its Ethanol content.
If the bike has a catalytic converter (unlikely with carbs) then get the Motul fuel additive if not try your local garden machinery supplier for some Aspen 4T which is a stable fuel alternative for 4 stroke engines

Robert Watson

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Don't use fuel with ethanol, especially if it is going to sit.
Ethanol is hygroscopic (absorbs water, especially in a damp atmosphere) and gives a great environment for the green fungus to grow. Great for plugging fuel jets, fuel filters and all sorts of little places in carburetors!