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Cadwell 14th 15th August 2021


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VOC Member
I dont think many would have missed this event but you might have missed the fact that although its organised by the VMCC and BHR you dont have to be a member of the VMCC to take part. The parades are for road machines and some for race machine if you have never ridden round the Lincolnshire circuit spiritual home of VOC racing now is your chance.
I am signed up on Sunday with my Grey Flash but leaving my silencer at home (Yes un-silenced sessions for racers!) you can book for both days if you are cf camping disposition or dont mind early morning runs from semi local hotels. I will be there with a van tools and a few obvious spares

regs at cadwell752021@hotmail.com

Tim VOC Racing section organiser


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Entry conformation is out
the link on the sheet delivered by snail mail is a PIA to enter! my tip is enter it on to a document like word then copy and paste into your browser if its wrong its easy to alter and re-post in any case you will need it in a week or so time again as within a day or so of the meeting you have to log in and watch the breifing
I only had to do it once because I am only there on Sunday- two days two logins!
the link may be on a site somewhere but I have not looked


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VOC Member
I finally got to checking out the Grey Flash with 4 days to go I know its late but I have had so many other calls on my time that I approached the task with trepidation as it has stood covered up since the Okamore hill climb in 2018.
I changed the oil ((not a cheap operation but more old R for lathe cutting) checked it mechanically did a clean and partial polish (blessing the information that the flash engine was not generally dispatched with a polished engine), added some of Essos finest checked for tap leaks... none
Angela manned the Foxley starter and I found top gear,(Albion up for down) removed the plug and we ran it up till the occasional spurt of oil in the cap said we had lubrication.
Popped the original plug in, taps on, brushed the back wheel with the starter, and it fired up clean as a whistle so easy I think even I could bump it
Now I need to add a bulb horn and number plate (its always taxed), and run it round my near loop of lanes
After that its check the van will start, and if I can get in my leathers. :rolleyes:


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VOC Member
VOC Forum Moderator
After that its check the van will start, and if I can get in my leathers. :rolleyes:
You've left it a bit late to diet into your leathers. ;)
Tony and I are planning to ride up to Cadwell on Saturday as we both have other things planned for Sunday. Looking forward to seeing you and the bikes.

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