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c sieries rapide 1951


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my dad has owned this bike for over 50 years and it is in the final stages of a complete rebuild . We now have the sad task of having to part with it due to illness but are unsure of it's true value and the best way of selling it . It comes complete with original log book and all invoices for the restoration . It would be great if anybody could give any advice ,thanks.


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How much?

Jasper, the true value of the bike is what someone is prepared to pay. A C Rapide can be worth anything from well less than £20,000 to well over £30,000 depending on a wide variety of factors. Depending on how urgently you need to dispose of the machine you have several options; 1. have a major auction hose specialising in classic motorcycles appraise the machine and list it at their next sale, 2. Place it on e-bay with no reserve, 3. Advertise it for sale in a national motorcycle magazine. 4. Sell it to a recognised Vincent dealer (e.g. Conways). Be aware that there are wholesale & retail prices. Whereas Atlantic Motorcycle may sell a Rapide for £33,000 they probably paid the previous owner £26,000 or sold it on commission. Originality is highly prized so sell the machine in the most original condition you can, even if it looks a bit tatty. Good luck & I will offer you £200 for a quick sale.:p


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Ernie thanks Alyn for his useful post. I now know where to go for a quick sale.


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dont rush into it like my sister did selling my mums house and then regretted it .


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Ernie thanks Alyn for his useful post. I now know where to go for a quick sale.
Ernie, so far this year I have sold a Series C Comet, a Series D Shadow, a Norton Commando & a firefly for other people. All received prices they were very happy with
& I received nothing but the satisfaction the bikes were all going to good homes.

mark revelle

Jasper, is the bike sold? If not, I could be interested.

Albervin's advice is very useful - I would only add that most auction houses also take a substantial mark-up (up to 20% from the seller and 15% from the buyer, so be wary of using prices achieved as anything more than an index) and that e-bay is a big sea that is alive with sharks. You'll get a free ad in a national classic bike mag, and it's worth using MPH, the club mag, as well.Both have lead times, of course.

Kind regards, Mark
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