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`C` seat frame front lugs


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Hi All, according to Eddie Stevens, P.58 KTB,the brackets on the seat frame were lengthened in "early 1953"(I assume this was to clear the petrol tank rear mount better?, as mine is alarmingly close there). The length of the front brackets on my 1952 seat are 1& 3/8" measured from the wooden seat base to the centre of the mounting stud hole.Has anyone measured a later (`53 on)seat there? By how much were they lengthened?, as I may mod mine accordingly to improve clearence.

Incidentally, my seat was entirely unmolested and original, with cloth tape still remaining here and there under the tack heads retaining the cover.I have stripped it to restore as necessary, and on removing the foam inner, I found two small squraes of cardboard stuffed into the centremost of the square "hollows" moulded into the underside of the foam, one bearing the hand written date "30/12/52" in pencil, and accompanied by a spent matchstick????? I assume the date is of the seats manufacture, but interestingly the bike is a March 1952 build- so not its original seat. Perhaps Feridax put these in to rumble dodgy warranty claims by dating the seat, but as for the matchstick.....??.

Any info on the dimensions of the later seat brackets would be appreciated, thanks in anticipation, Bob `C`
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