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C Rear Seat Stay Restoration


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Anyone got any good tips for removing the rusty FT17s from a pair of C Seat Stay Castings (FT94) without causing undue damage? I've never had to do this before despite 40-odd years of Vincent ownership... It appears there is an alloy rivet going right through the FT17 internally - but its centre point is far from clear. How to remove it??

Thereafter, of course, comes the fitting of a new FT17... any tips?

Peter B
Bristol, UK.


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I simply drilled out the rivet. The center was difficult to gauge, but I think that I made my best guess with a small drill bit and increased it once or twice, then tapped it to get a clearer picture. I do not remember any tears.



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Same here but if you carefully file off the head of the rivet at one side first then you should be able to see the core of the rivet. Alternatively slide a piece of thin wall stainless steel or aluminum tube over the original and then no dismantling is required. It all depends if you want it to look original.


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You will have to heat the damper boss to extract the seat stay rod. It's been ther for 60 years and the 3 sets I have done did not come out easily. Refit the new stays with an assembly grade loctite and a new rivet.John


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Chrome/stainless water pipe for bathrooms from a DIY store sldes over add silicone sealent to tase , done properly you would never know with a magnifing glass
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