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C/D Battery Tray


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I have a basket case C and a complete D. I am trying to do a little rolling restoration the D and while doing this I am noting the differences in the two battery trays.

Looking at the spares book/parts list the parts look very similar, but looking at my two trays they look quite different.

Left is the C and Right is the D, is the D tray correct? The proper part numbers are FT29/1AS (C model) and per the drawing FT29/4AS (D model).

What brings this to question for me in the beginning was the fact that the D's battery strap had been modified as well.



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The trays look correct for the appropriate model. The D tray places the battery on the right side of machine in order to clear the monobloc carbs(I believe the D uses 2 front heads, wcarbs both on left) The strap was probably modified for a C. The D has clearance and room for a taller step-up. If you try to fit the D battery carrier to the C chassis(if you happen to use 2 front heads) you will foul the spring box on the right side. Simply fit a shorter battery and strap assembly and you will be all set.
Good Luck, Dan
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