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H: Hubs, Wheels and Tyres C. Borrani rims


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I have a 51 Rapide Tourer, exported to the states, w/ Borrani rims, 19/18". Does anyone know if these were stock or aftermarket? Other than size there is nothing about the rim make on the Work's check off sheets. Borranis were used on the Lightnings at the Works , but I do not see any other models listed w/ Borranis.
I suspect they may have been used to get around the Korean War ban on chrome. The hubs have metric bearings, which were used in that era.

Keith Martin

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San Remo made alloy rims that had no trademark in Italy.
The Borrani rims used on BSAs and the Triumph Hurricane had Borrani record rim on the side but no made in Italy on the side. They had a made in Italy decal on the inside of the rim along with the part number.


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I had a San Remo rim that went to Bevo. I asked John Bland specifically about San Remo and it did not trigger anything, but personally, I felt that Sam Remo was the likely supplier. This is because the cross-section of the rims was very close to one another, using that very low shoulder. There is no evidence to support this.



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Harry Bellville who wound up with the rest of Indian's ( ISO) inventory . I remember him having rows of Borrani / Lightning wheels.
Carriage striped NOS rims were $25.00 US ( sigh).


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Vintage Borrani Alloy WM2 x 21 Rim – AJS, BSA, Norton, Vincent, etc.

New listingVintage Borrani Alloy WM2 x 21" Rim – AJS, BSA, Norton, Vincent, etc.

Seller is vintage.motorcycle.parts.


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The Flash/Lightning used a WM1 on the front, not a WM2, but there is nothing wrong with using a WM2.

Cottom 016 (2).jpg

This is an original Black Lightning and it is marked "WM1-21".


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