Buying advice?


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Hello, I am looking at buying a Rapide "C" 1952. It appears in good condition cosmetically and sounds OK. As I am not an expert, could somone give me tips on what to look for - are there any areas I should pay special attention to? Known flaws on that model? All suggestions greatly appreciated.


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Buying Advice


Where to start with a list, if you are contemplating paying somewhere around the current market price then it is a significant investment.

I'd put quite a bit of emphasis on the history or the machine, who has owned it and how long for together with what work has been carried out and who did that work, what paperwork/invoices are there to support it

If you are not familiar with the Vincent then my advice would be to approach the club, they are friendly people on the whole and I'm sure there will be someone not too far away from you who has been around Vincents for some time and could give you some advice on the actual bike you are thinking of.

The good news is that as I understand it almost any problem can be rectified with the right knowledge and some cost - so if you are buying it for the right money then some element of risk can be "priced in".

Have fun, wish you every success.