Burman gearbox


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Can any help. Is there an easy way of identifiying the Comet gears and shafts from the BAP. A friend has a box of gears but no case, and is wondering if they are Comet. John.


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Dismantling (and remantling) a Burman gearbox

Hi John,
Try the following link from the Scandanavian VOC, which has some very good drawings along with part numbers:D


That link's great for the part numbers. I heard it's getting easier to get a second mortgage so we may get some replacement gears at some point. Joking apart I was surprised to find most of the bits are now available new from the usual sources. I'm pretty sure they weren't in 1980 when C Manning bought 3 spares 'for 30p' (FYO p205)

'Forty Years On' is extremely useful but somewhat sparse of drawings (and the typeface harder to read than the recently criticised captions in MPH). Here's an article I found on the Burman box which has lots of line drawings.

'Dismantling a Burman gearbox' from The Classic Motorcycle


As it is password protected to prevent printing you can download the .pdf and view it offline

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