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Boyer Box in Comet


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My Comet that is fitted with a Boyer Electronic kit has taken to putting out a constant spark. ?? When I turn ignition key to "ON", everything is fine. At compression stroke, I get a constant fire or super fast firing. Not sure which one. I've never encountered this one. Any ideas? I assume that it's the box, but would love to hear any suggestions.
Justin Kell
Los Angeles

Pete Appleton

VOC Hon. Editor
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VOC Forum Website Administrator
Boyer interference

The constant spark is caused by interference from the first spark causing the processor in the boyer box to re-boot, thus causing another spark and then another & so on. Possible causes are :-

Partially discharged or defective battery
Bad connection in the ignition switch
Bad earth connections at the coil and boyer unit
Wires from the 'pickup' plate running close to HT or LT coil wires
Dodgy spark plug or Ht lead
Faulty filter circuitry in the Boyer unit.

My suggestions are :-
Try using a slave battery.
Jury rig the wiring to cut out as much spare wiring as you can in order to reduce the effect of interference



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bad battery

Thanks. I always forget the part about checking the easiest things first.
I used a gel battery last time, and I've never used one before. It's about a year old, so could very possibly have expired. I'm told that they do not have a remarkable shelf life. Checked the coil, checked the ignition switch, checked the grounds and checked the battery fro 12V.
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