Book review - Harry Lindsay the Seanachie of Motorcycling


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I was over at Henry Martini's to use his grinder (thanks Henry) and Henry lent me his copy of the Harry Lindsay book titled as above. Harry was (borrowing from the forward) a trials and road racer, grass track champion, holder of the Irish land speed record, race team leader, importer and retailer of motorcycles [including Vincent], restorer of antique bikes, and an historian.

He was there in the glory days, and competed at the IOM TT and at Bonneville. Seanachie is Irish for master story teller, and the book is a collection of 83 stories from Harry's life. Of particular interest to Vincent members are the stories of test riding the Dearden supercharged Lightning and setting the Irish speed record on Gunga Din. How many others can say they have ridden both of those bikes?

Indeed, Harry is a great story teller, and I highly recommend the book to anyone with an interest in motorcycles.

The book was just published a few months ago, and maybe Henry Martini has an advanced copy as a result of being Harry's friend (Henry is actually mentioned in one story), even the publisher's website has not yet been updated with a price.

Those of you that follow the auction scene may recall that Harry's collection was recently sold by Bonhams at Stafford a few months ago.