BMF News about Road Worthiness Tests.


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The cost of EU membership for the UK, plus the administration costs, are now calculated to cost us taxpayers £65 Billion every year (or £7.8 million pounds per hour) and rising fast. The donations we get back are around £9 Biliion. This is totally idiotic and unsustainable.

The sooner we are out of the EU and have Trading Agreements in place with countries of our choice, the sooner we can solve our national debt problem - and not be ruled by Brussels regarding which illegal immigrants/terrorists we are allowed to deport, the cabbage laws, the radius of bananas, this MOT cr*p, etc, etc, etc.

Rant Over.

Peter B
Bristol, UK.


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The whole point of this exercise of legislation in pursuit of issues (green,safety)by the damm EU is to generate sales of more plastic cars that will last 3 years and then be recycled into more plastic cars which are unmodifiable and un maintainable by you or I.
we place drivers in an environment filled with expensive gizmos to distract them from driving. We maximize the market by continuing to drive down the demands for skill in driving to the level of the most incompetent. We give no incentive to become proficient and hope to replace the skill with electronics ,ever lower speed restrictions,new straight roads and spy cameras
thus in every way maximizing the profit for big industry.
Real green (the long life,easily maintained car) Real safety (driver training) are ignored

Black Flash

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you both are so right Peter and Vibrac.
I want my good old Deutsche Mark back instead of this crap Euro.

these european Brussels laws that get introduced more and more are missing more and more common sense.
We now even need the colour of our vehicle in the documents. last week my son did not pass the test because
he painted over his rusty old shed to make it more presentable, albeit not in the green colour that was written in his documents.
it waas new to both f us that this colour thing is of importance now.

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You may laugh Bruce but it was almost a year before I found out why I could not find my favorite sausages anymore.
Those interfering twits had banned the amount of bread allowed in the sausage.

Just typical investigate sausages leave the banks alone....