Black Shadow owners in Surrey ??


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As recently posted my Dad turns 80 at the end of January and when he was a lad he was a real Vincent enthusiast owning a Black Shadow, Black Knight and Comet.

Was wondering if there were any Black Shadow owners living near Guildford in Surrey who would be able to drive to Guildford on Sunday 30th January and show their bike to my Dad. It would make his day as we are also having a surprise family gathering for him as well. Obviously I would pay you for your time if anyone would be able to make it.



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Well, can we get a few bikes together for the above date? how about a few outfits to brighten his birthday? Depending on the weather and hopefully not too late, I am up for it coming from Kent, so perhaps a few locals can make it as well.
Des. I may be able to get a Shadow outfit and a Black Prince (similar to a Knight) outfit there, but there will be a cost - a nice hot cuppa and perhaps a sandwich! Send me details in a PM - if non members can.

Cheers, Dave. Sidecar section organiser.