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Where Are You Now? Black Prince - VTF 895


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My father owned this motor cycle during the late 1950s. See photo from 1958. I'm one of the boys in the picture. Just wondering where it is now and possibly offering some history to the present owner. I imagine the sidecar might be a surprise.

It is still on the DVLA register, but they say, "there has been no activity on the record for a number of years" and declined to forward my contact information to the last registered keeper. I have the frame and engine number if that helps.



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VTF 895 was last reported to VOC in 2008 in UK and nothing since and that person is no longer a VOC member. Unfortunately its curent owner & location is not known.
VOC Machine Registrar

Graham Smith

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Isn't it dreadfully sad when new information like this comes to light that we're unable to pass it on the current owners?

I know the Club is holding a number of important documents such as log books and tax discs etc for bikes that still exist, but because the owners haven't joined the club, we haven't been able to pass this 'stuff' on.

Bill Thomas

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I was pleased when Graham rang me, And said would I like to speak to the Son of the first owner of my, LGY,
Twin, And also the photos, And that Mr Vincent had ridden it !. Cheers Bill.