Birmabright Mudguards


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About a million years ago, or perhaps a little less, there was talk about the VOCSC getting some mudguards made out of Birmabright I need a new rear flap but the reproduction alloy one just doesn't look right up against the original Birmabright main guard. Birmabright has a distinct blue-ish glow about it and appears much nicer to the eye.

So what happened to the plans? I know its not material availability - it is out there - and ClevTrev has the full run-down on its chemical make-up and various trade names.

Peter B
Bristol, UK.

Simon Dinsdale

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Hi Peter,

Look on e-bay iten no. 260355232490. Advertised as Vincent Birmabrite Rear mudguard Tail Section and claims to be the genuine article.
Probably go for the usual stupid price though that Vincent parts attract on e-bay.