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Birmabright mudguards (sort of)


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I pounded out a set of mudguards for one of the Trials bikes in 5052 al. 5052 is pretty close to the old Birmabright recipe, although I think Clevtrev has the name of an alloy that is a little closer.

I tried to find Clevtrev's alloy but it was not available here (Canada)

The 5052 is what the fellows on the Land Rover site use to repair or replace the Birmabright on Land Rover bodies. The consensus is that 5052 is a little less prone to vibration cracking than Birmabright is.

This bodes well for the 5052 since the original Birmabright Vincent mudguards seem to have held up very well over the years.

It's fairly easy to shape once it is annealed.



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chankly bore

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Looks like a good job,better than some of the repro gear I have seen over here,was it hand-shaped or did you build some hardwood rollers? Incidentally, what is the consensus on the width (arcuate) of the front and rear blades?


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these were hand shaped.

Since tackling the mudguards I find myself looking at all of the factory made mudguards on bikes. It is surprising how many do not match to the radius of the wheel or even have a constant radius.
The Stainless front mudguards on my Rapides follow for a bit then shoot way off toward the sky at front.
The rear mudguards on the Rapides vary greatly in width, 6" in some places, 5" in others. This is especially noticeable where the two section meet at the hinge, one protrudes about a 3/8" beyond the other on both sides.



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You've found your calling! Run off 50 sets of blades and get rich! Then make a few dozen std petrol tanks that fit (oops, I didn't mean to interject a novel thought).


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I think my left shoulder would pack it in somewhere around set no. 31!

Next up is the tank. The new dream welder is here.

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