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E: Engine Big End Replacement


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VOC Member
Now that the B twin is more or less in one lump after more than 40 years in boxes..... I need to start organizing things for the next project. So... I have most of a Comet engine, but it needs a new big end bearing. There aren't many shops around this area that I would feel comfortable handing over a crank to. I'm thinking of taking a stab at doing it myself. Haven't started yet, so need to clean things up and start measuring to determine if I actually have something to work with. I have a press that should be sufficient for reassembly, dial gauges etc. Also have a lathe, but I'm thinking knife edge rollers would be better for checking runout.
Has anyone on here been through this process before? Advice?

Bill Thomas

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
That "hone" process you refer to is more commonly known as "lapping" and is quite acceptable for removing small amounts of metal, tenths of thous, provided the lap is soft enough to hold the abrasive and kept parallel.
Like Oexing so graphically demonstrated above. :oops:
To me, Maybe if the Hone was being turned, But What I saw was the Rod being turned,
By hand from the small end eye,
So a lot of leverage being used ?, And knowing how Vincent's suffer from Bigend screwing to one side,
Didn't look good to me, But I was only a Mechanic.

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