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Big Brother life saver?


Deleted member 1085

Just read about "RealRider", Telegraph Motoring, which offers an app for a smart phone. From what I can tell, the key is it uses the motion detectors to sense if the rider has been in an accident, providing the smartphone is being carried at the time. It can then alert the emergency services and pinpoint the location of the accident.

All for £4.99?

Looks like a snip. Now where did I put my smartphone!


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Better not use it on my Mk1 vello then a couple of potholes ("natures little road calmers" according to our mayor) plus its rigid back end and it would phone all the emergency services as I rode blithely on
Not that if I had an accident the ambulance would get to the scene in under a day since I live in East Anglia and they have just parachuted in another areas services head honcho because of their abysmal response times
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