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Big Brother is watching you, and what you buy.


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Just an FYI. Just to be akward I would make a point of not buying anything it displayed at the checkout. Next it will be querying whether you really should be buying that chocolate bar considering your age, blood sugar, HDL, and LDL. "Oh and aren't you a bit past it really, riding about on a motorbike at your age."


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I have an absolute aversion to Tesco even before I read the almost banned book "tescopoly"
Its a sad day when I am driven by closures of petrol stations to a supermarket pump , but its a double sad day when I have go to Tesco or push home
I have always been a fan of free enterprise and capitalism but there must be a point where enterprises get too big for their boots and diversify to too many channels squeezing out the competition then raising prices and dropping standards. After all what was communism but one great monopoly?
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