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BHR Pembrey '21


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At a very sunny Pembrey for the 3rd round of the BHR season.
Tony Hazledine going very well on his Egli Vincent having his usual close battles with Tony Green and his Girder Velo Mac 350.
I'm unsure of its history or origin but mechanically it's very nicely put together and a quiet engine.


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Nulli Secundus

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It looks like the mag doesn’t have a kill switch type end, he must use the comp release to stop the engine.

Very tidy bike!
The engine must stop on a closed throttle, so need for a kill switch. Tony's ambition was always to beat my 1938 Rudge in 2019, but he never quite managed it and on one ocassion crashed the Egli at Lydden. It is a shame that I cannot be with them this season to resume our battles.

Nulli Secundus

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This is Tony Hazledine on the Egli Comet giving me a hard time at Lydden in 2019, which was his first season and hence the novice jacket.

Before he took up racing he use to enter the parades at various circuits. In fact he was able to offer me some advice on Pembrey when I first raced there that same year. He did not need to do that. Ultimately it helped me beat him and that 1976 XS500 Yamaha that is just ahead of me in this photo. OK the Yamaha was in a different class, but it would of been rude not to have beaten it. Not only that if you decide not to bother to race the bike in front those behind might end up getting past you.

Pic 5 Start Finish Straight.JPG

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