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PT: Exhaust Best fix?

myron sheldon

Website User
VOC Member
Has anybody machined spigots to replace flanges, that fit inside the pipes and are retained with springs? This might give some increase in allowable fit


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I’m just in the process of making one for the Comet. Made a rough prototype just to check fit of the header pipe clearance/alignment and made some clips to TIG weld onto the header. I can post some photos of the finished product, but it will be a while. Basically there is a short flanged stub that goes through the exhaust nut, then a larger piece of pipe that just slips over top (welded on) and then the header pipe slides into the other end of the larger tube. 3 springs hold the header in place..... at least that’s the plan. The Akrapovic springs are supposed to be decent quality.9B73F2F8-EF9E-4EC5-819E-4AC7BD805705.jpeg



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I have done quite a few.

Ex Ring 01 Small.jpg

This was a nice one in aluminum. Small and light. It galled in the head and I had to destroy it when removing it. Fortunately, it was softer than the head.

Exhaust Stub 2.jpg

This worked much better. It was steel and I could hang the springs from the pipe itself. The pipe wend inside the end (not over it) and sealed relatively well.

Weights 3.jpg

It turned out that I liked the original the best. Cut in half to save weight and holes drilled for lock wiring. It sealed the best and was the easiest to take on and off. When racing you have to lockwire each spring separately and specially in case they snap. A shard of spring on the track is not considered to be a good thing. Additionally, I liked the new nuts are slightly oversize and fit really well in the heads.


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