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E: Engine Best Choice Comet Assembly Sealant


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What is the best sealant for 2021 Comet case assembly?
Trial fit is good.
Now need to seal with future disassembly in mind.
I did replace crankcase bolt E109/6.
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Well, I never had a problem with anaerobic Loctite seals being too quick when bolting up an engine case. They are not so fast in reaction as told. I do test assembling an engine for checking it turns over and shims to be correct. So only then I apply the seal in a very fine bead as that is all you need, just minimal amount. Then finally do up both halves of cases up to a gap of a few millimeters , alternatively 1/8 " gap, install most or all of the through bolts with nuts on - and only then knock halves fully home and do up all nuts by hand, tight enough. Then get decent spanners for torquing all nuts. The seal needs a few minutes for getting sticky and more solid so you´d be quick enough for this job I´d think. It would be a big problem anywhere in business if that type of seal were too fast in curing.
I´d be surprised if any type of sealant was oil soluble, not any Loctite I think. It is just that they don´t cure in free air, only in a limited gap. So excess sealant will stay creamy in the engine and not block any oilways.


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