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H: Hubs, Wheels and Tyres Bert Weisz brake mod.


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Can anyone point me to where I can find details of the 'floating shoe' modification to the front brake.
I don't have a copy of the MPH where it was first published. Many thanks.


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I do wonder what is going on here. Is it that the floating movement at the fixed end is overcoming the reported* small error in the original positioning of the cam /anchor?
* I cant find the reference on here but I know its here.


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Stu told us MPH 821, Or MPH 632.
No it was a posting by Clever Trevor (I think) about how the position of the holes in the brakeplates were designed a few milimeters out from where they should be I thouught this might have something top do with the efficiency of floating the fixed end


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This link isnt the one I looked for but it certainly discusses the BW mod a bit further (and a search will find many more)I do hope we dont loose this material on the forum and that people do use the search box or we shall be forever recycling questions that have been asked before angain and again and.....


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Many thanks to all who have contributed to this thread.

I did try to search for it under 'Series C Brake Modification' as key words and 'Bert Weisz' as the author and the response I got was he wasn't a member??

Maybe I wasn't using the the search facility correctly but tried several variations of above.


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Bert passed away a few years ago. Not only did he have a nice machine shop at home, he was a third shift maintenance machinist at the Windsor Ford works, so very unsupervised for Vincent projects!

In one of the referenced threads, I gave http://www.voc.uk.com/net/docs/2.1/2.1-499-16.pdf as a link. It doesn't work now and is a different format to what is used now in the Whitakerpedia. I wonder what it used to show?

Keith Martin

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Interesting seat by Bert Weisz.


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