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Bent brake plates


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VOC Member
Hi The four brake plates on my Comet are buckled maybe 2-4mm, two of them have bent anchor lugs causing most of it. Is there some way to straighten them , then reinforce them?? Regards Longdon

chankly bore

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This is one of my "hobby horses".I don't think that the brake plates were designed to give 60 years of service.The piece of triangular bracing to the brake cam housing as mentioned by Doug Hollis in Forty Years On is a good plan,likewise bracing of the stop that locates in the fork.If this piece is bent or loose throw the brake plate away!If it fails in service it could kill you.If you have any welding done,check for cracks and crystallization.Now for the brake shoe pivots.Over time these converge and become a bit "elastic";thereby failing to hold the shoes flush against the drum over the entire contact area.Many years ago a clever local owner narrowed the brake shoe eyes and fitted an accurate brace over the inner ends of the pivots to keep them parallel.I can't remember how he kept this in place.An even better plan might be to make up an assembly with this feature which could be bolted to the existing plate,like the racing plates.I leave the detail design to others better qualified.Go carefully,F5AB/2A/7945


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Thank you chankly bore. At least two out of four plates have bent but not loose stops that i was going to put some heat on and try and straighten and then press the plate somehow. As they need a bucket ful of shims to work now i figure i dont have much to lose. Pleased to hear you survived the great flood Go well F5AB/2A/8750
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