Battle scars


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Ecclesiastes 7:1 says the day of death is better than the day of one's being born. What that means is that at your birth, you have not yet built up your reputation or proved your worth, while in your twilight years, hopefully your life and name will be well regarded. Here is my Vincent take on that. Nicely restored bikes are beautiful, but like a newborn, until the bike has many miles on it, it hasn't proved its usefulness as a vehicle. Not that my Shadow is near death, but I think the battle scarred original paint is beautiful in its own way, and is a testament to the fine service it has provided to my father and me over the years.


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I agree to a point. Using your newborn analogy, I've enjoyed seeing and helping restored bikes become useful and reliable almost as much as I've enjoyed watching my son develop from newborn to three year old. Bikes and children are a reflection of the effort you put into them. Newly restored and newly born are a clean slate full of hope and promise, and very few, if any are beyond redemption.
On a final note I'd like to postpone finding out how the day of my death compares to the day of my birth as long as possible.

alan wright

Continuing from Classicbikers comments, there was once a poster outside a post-natal clinic in N. Ireland which stated "The first five minutes of life are the most dangerous" Some wit had written in felt tip underneath......"and the last five can be a bit iffy !!!" As you say, hope it's a long while until we know, ride safely, Alan