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battery ignition for Comet 1954

  • Thread starter charlottevictoria
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Dear all,

my Comet (with Blacknell Bullet sidecar) has the same problem for many years. When the magnet is freshly repaired with e new condenser, the engine starts perfectly - also when it's warm. After some years its becomming worser and worser (only in warm condition). Every time the condenser was damaged and the whole magnet has to be repaired. I guess that the magnetic ignition system becomes too hot under the cover???

So my question:
Is it possible to change to a good battery ignition (perhaps an electronic one?) where I can use my advance unit (and its conus)? Could you tell me a good supplier? Ideally for six volt?

Thanks very much

Bill Thomas

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VOC Member
Hello Peter, What about a BSA C11 Distributor, You can use it 6 or 12 volt, I went electronic, I think big mistake, Cheers Bill.

Bill Thomas

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VOC Member
Hello Peter, It's like a "D" distributor, The advance is inside, Bobweights, You will need an alloy triangle fitting,Pinion boss, Fibre pinion etc, Like a D twin. Try and get a look at the book," Know Thy Beast", Also check if the fittings are in stock at the Spares Company. Good luck Bill.


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There's nothing wrong with Bill's suggestion. I changed from Mag to coil many moons ago due to starting problems - and I know lots of people who swear by mags and will tell you not to change to coil.

Where I differ, I made the next technology jump to Pazon electronic and my twin is a totally different (better) engine all through the rev range, and starts easily. You can get them with a housing that bolts on in place of the mag from Kirby Rowbotham, Paul Goff and others.

Lot's of alternatives, the next post will probably tell you to get a new BTH.



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Hello, How about fitting a bright spark capacitor, after removing the internal one. If it gets tired after a while, you can change by the road side if needed.
I have fitted one to a mag and it works well, not tried it on an engine yet though. John.

Bill Thomas

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
Hello John, What sort of a job was it, I have all the details and some mags in bits, But i am not sure i could do it, Looks a fiddle ?? All The Best Bill.
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