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Barn Job


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Rick Schunk and I went to the National Motorcycle Museum at Anamosa, IA yesterday and the last Barn Job Vin dragster was on display. http://www.nationalmcmuseum.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/238.jpg * I was surprised to see the ignition. It had one regular coil and a homemade distributor body with external condensers. Now I realize that I didn't see what fed the spark plugs (4?). Maybe Rick took a good photo or two that will give a clue. If Brian Chapman reads this, maybe he can comment on firing heavy nitro loads with a points and coil ignition.

* The fellows in the photo are local Minnesota Vincent enthusiasts.
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Quite an evolution over the years..



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Only occasionally in the early 60's did we get Cycle world in the UK. when I got a copy I used to read it cover to cover I seem to remember a great article on the Barn Job that got me thinking about getting a Vincent
(that and being overtaken when I was on my 7R blasting back from Silverstone by a guy in full trench coat and seeing him change up out of Winslow and disappear)


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Like most bikes used to push the envelope and 70 odd years young
Gunga Din , the ISDT vincent, Surtees 500 and many others, and why not? great stuff!
its a bit like the grave diggers spade

"had it for 50 years its only had 3 new blades and 4 new handles"

Big Sid

Never forget watching Mighty Mouse pump out clouds of rear tire smoke as it was revved up , front tire against a trucks bumper . Awesome display of power from one Vincent cylinder , unequaled then by any other single cylinder machine the world over . The sound alone was simply amazing . Sid .
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