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Hello friends
I have been very lucky to have found a 1948 Vincent HRD Rapide B. The bike has been sitting in a barn since 1968 so she not looking real good right now.. It has taken me over 6 month to convince this gentleman to sell me the bike and finally he gave in..
My goal is to bring this beautiful motorcycle back to life and give her the attention she requires..
I will attach some pics for all to see..
Not sure where to start.. Please help,,
thank you...


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jim burgess

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You lucky boy you! Oh how I wish... Do keep us all posted with what you find in such a relic. So Change oil, fill up with fuel and try for terminal velocity, should go, no probs. You might need to put some air in the tyres first. Don't forget to extract the air already contained first. That could be original Stevenage air, highly sought after by restores!
Cheers good luck.
Jim Burgess