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Back to 'A' Pre-war Vincent Motorcycles Technical Advice


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Congratulations to Steve Ebbs, Graham Smith, Peter Barker and Derek Sayer for all their work compiling this excellent book.


400 pages of Series A technical information, mostly from MPH articles, but also some never seen material. It is done in the fashion of Into the Millenium, for those who have enjoyed that book. Some sample pages:



I would believe that this is a "must have" for Series A enthusiasts as well as interested Vincent owners.


greg brillus

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I will look forward to purchasing a copy, looks like a great book. As has been said before, The owners of post-war bikes have a huge wealth of available parts and info, versus the pre-war machines. So with this in mind, I wish to thank all involved in the collective gathering of info to produce this book. The amount of work I am currently doing, I am actually surrounded in the pre-war machines even though most are reproductions of the twins (Notice I don't like to use the term "Replica" as I don't feel that name is a fair description of these bikes) It is not only very challenging but very interesting, and I am really enjoying it. The new twins really are something else, not only to look at, but they are amazing to ride. Cheers and thanks again........... Greg.
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Black Flash

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Congrats to those four vinceteers. I am also looking forward to receive my copy. I can only just assume the amount of work and hours that have gone into such a project.
Well done mates,i take a bow.



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I hope they talked to Colin Jenner about A’s as he has the most information and knowledge of any one alive today on A’s.
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The long awaited Series A Book, "Back to A" is now available exclusively from the VOC Spares Company.

400 pages of A4. The only fully comprehensive compendium of Series A technical information, photographs and up-to-date comment - in the world.

Softback £29.50 plus postage.
Hardback £75.00 plus postage. (Limited availability).

No VAT on books! :D

Try this link:

- Or go to the VOCSC website, click on 'Webshop' see link to 'Regalia'...

Peter B


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I concur, mine arrived yesterday and I am very impressed. Well done guys.

Peter, I did send you an email which I hope was interesting.



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Im sure the book will be well received by custodians present & future.Its easy to read & has loads of useful information. I was pleasantly surprised to see a photo of my Meteor. Many thanks to those involved.


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