Avon RED inner tubes


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Can some of the, er, more experienced please share with me their recollection of roughly when Avon quit selling their RED inner tubes?

I'd appreciate it!



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Not sure when they stopped making them, but I can tell you our pre war Comet had two fitted and that was laid up in 1956.
We bought it 2009 and had it on the road about then but I changed the tyres & tubes although they still held air when pumped up and looked good.
I could not bear to throw them out so still have them and the Speedmaster front which is slightly different to todays ones, the rear tyre that was fitted was a remould!
All the best Jon.


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Jon, I have an unrestored Shadow my father bought new, it was built in late 1952, I don't know if it originally came with a Speedster or not, I think the Speedmaster replaced it sometime in the '50s, but I have been interested in getting one for quite some time. If you ever consider selling it, please let me know.