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Avon 3.50X20 racing tyres,Stud pattern

Bill Bowen

New Forum Website User
VOC Member
Hi, Are 3.50X20 Avon racing tyres available? or any suitable replacement. We have at last managed to get the Lightning stainless steel exhaust system manufactured and fitted by Alldens. The original exhaust was sent to them to use as a pattern from which they did an amount of initial work we then took the bike to them for a final fitting. Mike and Dennis at Alldens did a great job, so any work you need concerning pipe bending give these guys a ring.
Regards Bill Bowen


Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
I have been looking at this for the Flash
Avons do not do a 20" rear apart from a Safety Mileage!
You can go 300X20 speedmaster with a 3.50X19 GP rear for looks and grip
otherwise its 19's for performance 90/90-19 with 100/90-19 rear or 90/90-19 F2 with the GP on the back the Classic Manx riders hover around these so they are good
(or like Ben for real short circuit grip 18 AM23 front and back but you will grind away clutch covers and gearchange levers)
Me? I am going for option 1 once I have saved enough pennies
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