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SP: Spring Boxes (Rear) AVO coil overs..


Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
The price of an AVO coilover seems reasonable, anyone got any direct experience with them before I send cash to them?

Chris Launders

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
I always ride solo, so no worries about passenger comfort…I also have petteford springs in the rear.
I only ride solo as well but it is still much better with a fully sprung seat.
The next problem this caused me is that I only have short legs and age is making getting on and off as well as being able to put a foot down harder, the fully sprung seat is right on my limit.
So I'm going to a single seat, I've finalised the design which is the shape and size of the front section of the standard seat but with a 3" nose the width of the UFM.
This lets me sit where I want (I find the standard position too far forward) and the narrow front portion means I can easily get one foot flat on the floor with the bike still almost upright and yet the seat is only 1" lower than the existing one, an extra bonus is now my legs fall behind the footrests which previously were just where I needed to put my leg down.
I am cantilevering it off the UFM using the front seat mount and the sidecar mount.

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