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Arctic Trip - Peter finds a Comet in Finland


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Take a look at the attached picture of this great find in a museum 100 miles north of Helsinki. I'm reliably informed it's a british Comet tank
I was looking at it for ages before I realised it is actually 4 years younger than the bike I was riding.

The other picture was taken just bfore the German SS guard turned to me and shouted 'Papers Raus!'

Tomorrow should be interesting,
As I write Graham is booked on the ferry to Talin Estonia leaving at 10am and I am not. We will try again to book me online, failing that I'll just turn up and hope to get on.

More pictures have been posted on our site.

My trouble with the kick start spring breaking last night was made worse when I could not get the broken spring out with my magnet tied to a clutch cable tool. I decided to back off the gearbox outer cover to release the trapped spring which was fouling the quadrant. It worked and the spring came out with my magnet. Unfortunately the selector parts also came out of the housing so I had to take the exhaust off ......... and do it properly. My bungee return spring works a treat, and I have a spare.
Must go. Time for bed.


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Graham Smith

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Len's right - I think that guy on the right is a relative of Herr Flick!


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Well!! He didn't get his ATDs from Michelle 'cos 'He didn't do it only once':rolleyes:
I just hope none of the blokes in the pic was a Lieutenant Gruber or was that his reason for leaving in a hurry:D

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