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Anyone know setting and part numbers for jets etc to make a Mikuni VM28 work for twin

Steve F

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Non-VOC Member
I have managed to get hold of a decent pair of VM28 carbs. Looking through the various postings I can see folks have listed their settings for VM30 and VM32, but I cannot find anything for the VM28. Somewhere I have seen it suggested that the settings are the same - as a good starting point - from one VM to another, not sure if that's a reasonable statement. Better still can somebody give me all the part numbers of all the variables and variable setting eg needle position.


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I've got VM28s on my Shadow with Mk2 cams. I got a little curious as to what everyone was running on their Mikunis so I compiled this table below from various folks who said they were running Mikunis on their Vincents. I used the Mikuni catalog to get the dimensions of the needles and the jets to calculate annulus created by the Jet Needle and the Needle Jet. The settings I am currently using are listed in the last row. I wasn't able to get a 3.0 slide so I took a 2.5 slide and set it in a V block on a sine plate and milled it. If you can't read the table PM me, I've got it in a PDF but the file size is to large for the forum. I'm at work right now so I don't know what my needle setting is, but I've got it in my notes. I'll post it later.
Hope this helps.
Steven M.


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This might be the most complete answer to a question on the forum.. ever. I think this should be printed to the MPH. Thanks Steve.
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