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Anyone know "Alexanders" Motorcycles in Edinburgh circa 1952/53


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search engines

i noticed you guys are using google as a search engine why use a honda when you could use a vinnie ? try ixquick , goole will sell you to the spammers :eek:

Tom Gaynor

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Alexanders in Edinburgh

I'm rereading PEI's autobiography, and discovered that while Vincent initially sold direct to customers, he appointed his first two agents in 1935. One was Alexanders who had branches in Glasgow and Edinburgh. The other (agent, whose name i didn't recognise) was in Bristol.
In Edinburgh at the weekend, I came into the city down the Western Approach Road, which debouches on Lothian Road exactly opposite Alexanders' last bike showroom. The centre unit is now occupied by a bistro called Xander's....
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I too have an interest in Alexander & Co. in Glasgow. My 1950 Comet was registered new from there. I think it was called J R Alexander & Co 272 Great Western Road, Glasgow. -It went out of business over 2O years ago. My bike was registered as BSN 580 around Jan 1951.
From around 1956 to 1969, Matthew Hood (69 South Scott Street, Baillieston, Glasgow) owned motorbikes. One of them was BSN 580-a black Vincent Comet 500cc (sometime it also had a sidecar). Amongst other uses, Matthew went on fishing trips with his brother John on the bike in the late 60's prior to emigrating with his wife Nancy (and children -Linda, Lorraine & Jillian. Whilst he lived at Baillieston for much of the time from 1956, by 1968 he was working at Honeywell and lived at Blackridge near Bathgate. In 1969 he emigrated to the USA with his wife Nancy and the family. He sold the Vincent Comet to his brother John before emigrating and they dissembled it and stored it away pending a rebuild.
Matthew and Nancy split up in the USA and he died in 1970. John Hood (the brother) died in 2007.

Any info on the ledgers from Alexanders or pictures of the bike would be gratefully received.

Rob H

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Interesting have a 47 Rapide, basket case but complete, which I'm parting with shortly. This was collected from the factory and despatched to Alexanders via the original LNER


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Some years ago at the clubs request I interviewed some of the well known Scottish Vincent owners on tape. I think I captured Rab at that time.
Do the tapes still exist? John.


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I did peruse all the 'Dealer decals' but they have not captured 'Alexanders' (yet!)

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