Anyone got a wiring diagram for a 4 position miller switch?


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Morning All,

Vic's posting about the problems on his Comet got me thinking that my switch has perhaps been wired wrong when re-built. It has the "original" (I think) 4 position switch, off, Ch, H and L.

Currently off is off, CH is ignition and driving lamp, H is all that plus headlamp and L doesn't appear to do anything.

I've had dynamo problems which I think were made worse/caused by having a 60/65 watt bulb in the bike when I bought it and didn't check. The dynamo is currently being re-built by Stuart T.

I've now got a Paul Goff 40/45 headlight bulb and bought a 23watt halogen pilot bulb - but when I fitted them both I noticed that on "H" the drain is increased from previous because the pilot and headlight were on together and the new pilot is obviously (12 volts, 23 watts) drawing more current.

Can anyone point me to a wiring diagram for this switch in KTB/Richardson/FYO/ATY - I can't find anything?

I'd like to wire the switch so that the pilot comes on, and then when I switch to headlamp the pilot switches off. Will the original switch do that for me?



Vic Youel

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Good morning Stuart,

See page 54 of the Rider's Handbook.

I am going to wire up my Comet (when I acquire my four position switch) the same way as my Rapide which is ....... Going from fully CCW

the first position is "pilot only for parking facing forward in an unlit street" as used to be the law.

the second is "off"

third is "main beam"

and fourth is pilot and rear/speedo for riding in restricted areas with street lights which I think is still the law although I am not sure about on street parking laws.

Vic :):)


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miller switch

Its easier to use,off as off, CH with a halogen bulb for daylight riding,H for pilot and tail for dusk riding when you want to save your battery and then if you use L for the headlight and tail it turns off the pilot light.
within the switch . alan
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Hugo Myatt

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Original Miller switch.

With the original four position Miller switch but not the replicas, it was posssible to wire it so that the off position would activate a magneto cut out, Charge would disengage the cut out and allow starting the bike without any lights on. H activated headlamp and taillamp and L pilot and taillamp. I had this set up for many years but many was the time that I forgot to turn the switch to Charge and worked up an exhausting lather on the kickstart before the penny dropped.