Any experiences of homestart breakdown assistance?


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It's that time for insurance renewal once again, but I have a dilemma:
My two best quotes (Carole Nash & Footman James) differ by almost fifty pounds.

They appear to be identical with one difference:
the dearer includes 'homestart' whilst the cheaper will only assist if more than one mile away from home.
I am skeptical that a generic service will be able to fix Vincents wherever they are, but so far I have not had the pleasure of experiencing their hospitality.
Has anybody had any experience of Homestart or failing that of rescue services in general?

Searching the forum results in zero hits so perhaps others are better confident in their spannering.

thanks all,


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I've been recovered by Footman James 3 times on 2 different bikes.
The vehicles have been purpose built for bikes and the service(although not desired) has been excellent..John

Hugo Myatt

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I dunno but my last two breakdowns have been within a mile from home. I pushed the ------- home uphill. It is an outfit and this is the last time I would consider doing so (palpitations, breathlessness, near seizure). I have now a 'Home' clause in the insurance contract.

John Cone

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I wish they would give the choice to opt out and save more dosh. I'm a very old member of the RAC and my cover is for me and (2 cards) the wife and to whatever we are driving or riding at the time including Homestart. However both of our cars and the bikes come with individaul cover as well and whilst they say it's free, someone has to pay for it. I have asked for it to be taken off the policy to save dosh but in all cases they say it's in the price. Common sense fails again. I wouldn't touch the AA because Relay really means relay to get you home. The AA patrol men only work an area and don't go out of it, so it can take sometime to get home where as most of the others it's a one trip journey.


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Its worth having the 2nd policy the RAC have just been busy with the small print
*Restrictions on help through "mis-fueling" which may be lawyers tricky speak for filling diesel by mistake but could be stretched to troubles from the gnats P**S called petrol nowadays
*No help if no valid tax disc shown (Note doesn't say if you are taxed just no show) so don't break down on way to MOT
*No help it problem is "self induced" blimey that could extend to just riding a seventy year old motorcycle.

Its the AA that have added the small print not the RAC but I dont suppose the RAC are far behind lets face it they are commercial entities now far removed from self help clubs that supported motor sport and did not salute if there was a speed trap . Ah happier days.....
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im with carol nash[as it was] and i ran out of sparks [magneto] it took a while to be returned home but felt this was better than leaving the bike at the roadside.
as this was the first time ive ever had to do this i felt over the years the amount id paid out it was a good return when i needed it.

Jim Richardson

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Carol Nash did have a speciailist bike recovery company working for them, but I believe they have changed to RAC or AA and I know people who have been recovered on the normal tilt type car trucks.

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I have changed from the RAC after 47 years as they would not recover a bike as it was on a "Rally". This was the French rally last year and it was explained it was a social rally not a road rally. Also, the RAC came out to a car and caravan as the car had a puncture in its rear wheel. They changed it with the space saver and said it should not be used for towing a caravan. They would not offer any other assistance. So do beware of the small print. I am now with Mayday UK Breakdown cover arranged by Green Flag as they appear more user friendly and cover my bikes, car and towing. Also cheaper than RAC. I understand some recovery organisations wait until they get a number of bikes to repatriate from Europe. If this is the case, would be worth checking if you want your bike back PDQ. Keith