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Anno Domini


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I thought bearing in mind all the downbeat talk of average age of Vincent owners I would recount this snippet.
You may know that another string of my motorcycle life is riding in the MCC long distance trials which now means my general transport for the night and day 300 miles Lands end event is a very tractable beta Alp 200cc trail bike (a real mountain goat)
However this year the MCC had a day road trial and so I used my 1952 500 Triumph Trophy with some trepidation (It turned out that it would be ideal for a Comet or a twin and was a wonderful 120 mile ride round central wales) anyway, at the start I had a talk with a helmeted rider on a Yamaha 600cc Single XT Trail bike "Isnt that a bit big?" I enquired
"No" said he "not after my BMW 1150 GS, I had to sell that last year as it was getting a bit much for me off road" then he added "but then I am 84".
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