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...and so it begins.

Amish Warrior

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G'day all, a Quick introduction first. My name is Tony and following the Passing of my Father from Mesothelioma about 18 months ago, I have inherited his 1952 Series C Touring Comet in its Original Patina. From what History that I do know, is it was Originally Delivered to Liverpool (England) in 1952 and was Ultimately purchased by my Dad from a Deceased Estate in Queensland (Australia) in 2015-16. Unfortunately Dad was like "Secret Squirrel" and didn't open up a lot about of what was going on in his life, till it was almost too late....I probably Spoke more to Him in the last 3 months before He passed than We had in the Previous 40 years.

I am now Finally making a start on getting it up and running again but am Fairly new to Old Bikes....if that makes Any Sense? I am reasonably Mechanically minded and don't mind getting my Hands Dirty to Strip'n'Clean it. I have No real plans to do a Full restore back to Factory Delivered Standard (I also have his 1953 Velocette MAC but that's another story in itself), just merely have it Running (in as close to possible to Original Patina as possible....Dad's wishes) and take it for Leisurely spin around the suburbs on a Sunday Arvo.

I am Based in Perth, Western Australia and would be glad to catch up with any Local Owners that could offer any "Hands on" Advice and/or Tips'n'Tricks. I am Free most days and willing to Travel if Needed. I have yet to visit Ian BOYD in Jurien Bay over here (Dad knew him well but I have yet to meet him....again, Secret Squirrel) but I look forward to heading up there one day for a Look-see.

Here is a List of Questions and Concerns with Attached Pictures for Reference where possible. I will post a Picture and address anything that stands out to Me.

The Foot pegs have been removed at this point to straighten them. Note to Self, don't forget to check Prop-stand is Down before leaning a Motorcycle.

Not sure if it will be better to Buy a new Left-hand Footrest (F72/2SS) or re-Bend the old one, same thoughts on the Footrest Hanger Bolt (F48/5SS)....it is Bent too. It was sitting Very Close to the Primary case before it fell last, due to drops by Previous owners?
As I picked it up from Dad's house before it went to my Storage. I guess it shouldn't sit at that angle?

The Cables to the individual components seem to Bind badly and are probably best replaced with New. It seems to be a mixture of being Poorly routed, Bent/damaged and old/dry lubrication. I have cleaned and re-oiled the Accelerator and Choke cable, rerouting and securing them with cable-ties but it only slightly helped. The poor strength/design of the return spring in the Amal aren't of much help. The Accelerator cable exits down from twist grip, just below the Front Brake cable, then runs through space between the Head-Lug and Forks to the space between the left side of the Fuel Tank and Oil Tank (see side view later)....the Choke cable is also secured to it but I will remove it, if anyone can suggest a better method.

The Clutch cable is routed through the same Head-Lug area (from the opposite side) and runs between the Right hand side of the Fuel Tank and Oil Tank, then over the Motor (inline with the Wiring Loom) as does the Decompression cable. I have yet to Clean/re-oil these but this leads to another issue with starting the bike. I think these are routed wrong, if comparing to other photos I've seem are correct. Again these will probably need to be replaced with New.

Decompression lever looks to be the same size as the Clutch lever, is this normal (or different on a Touring Model) as my Velocette is a "Stubby" version?
Fork Damper Knob is bare aluminium, should it be painted Black?
The 2 Black painted "Plates" attached to the Handlebar Brackets, any ideas as to what would attach there?

Amish Warrior

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Can I take it that this Isn't the correct way to route the Accelerator and Choke Cable? I notice that in the "Spare parts list" that there is a Cable Bend for Carburettor, I can see that this would make a difference for the Accelerator cable...are they standard like this and/or do the New ones come this way?

I believe that this is the Correct model for the Amal. It appeared to be leaking fuel between the Fibre seals in the Remote Bowl and the base of the Carburetor. I have cleaned them up some but will make/improvise/buy new ones, when my 30lt Ultrasonic Cleaner turns up from eBay (hopefully soon and and more hopefully it works. Also I had a issue with the "Allen Head" bolt that tightens the Clamp on the Amal, what size is it? Neither Metric or Imperials sizes worked, I had to replace it with a Metric and Nyloc.

What other options do I have for a replacement Carburetor, ie Amal Mono-block 376, Concentric, MK2? I have heard rumor that a 276 float height is "Fine-tuned" by either moving it forward to raise/richen it or rearward to lower/lean it out, in comparison to the Main Jet height.

This part of the Main Frame that the Footrest Hanger Bolt runs through, appears to be painted Black with a Red strip and possibly a Gold trim around that. Does that sound correct and does anyone have some completed Pictures?

Is the Engine Plate in the Picture, supposed to be painted Black or bare aluminium? Same for the Footrest Plates?

Do people rotate and re-drill the Footrest Spacer and/or or oversize the Pin in this the part of the Main Frame to secure/remove the play out of the Footrest?

Does anyone else's Touring Comet have these Gold trim boxes on their Rear Frame Member.

Does anyone else's Touring Comet have these Gold trim boxes on their Brake Torque Arm?


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Welcome to the world of Vincent's - and congratulations on your aspirations to honor your Dad's wishes.

Take a look at the VRV web site - you get to it from the VOC home site - and consider signing up for a free OVR subscription - you get access to years of archives as well.

Going through you comments I would simply get a new LH foot peg and hanger bit - super service available from the VOC spares co and also from Neal Videan in Melbourne (contact details in MPH).

The instruments and mudguards are very rare items - guard them like gold!

As to the cables it really is a question - do you intend the bike to be a museum item - or something you will ride?

Not sure about those 2 painted tabs on the handlebar - but they are non-standard. Likewise the 'ball' ended levers are a post production addition.

Do you still have the original magneto and or generator? Impacts future suggestions in that area.

Enjoy the journey, take pleasure in the process but keep a weather eye out for sharks!

You should contact Ian asap to find out what info he can provide you.

Amish Warrior

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VOC Member
Should the Rear Hub be bare finish or painted Black with Red paint in the gullies on a Touring Comet?
Spokes, bare metal or painted Black?
Rims, Chromed (with Black center line and Red trim, Chrome outer) or painted Black?

Rear Brake Cam Arm appears to be Red underneath with a Black overcoat, I wonder if it is suppose to be painted Black on the Main faces and Red on the thinner sides?

The Dampers, are the supposed to be painted Black upper with a Silver paint or Chrome/Zinc coated lower section?

The 6v Regulator, is it supposed to be painted Black, Chromed/Zinc or bare aluminium?


Is the Outer Spring Case supposed to be painted Black and the Inner Spring Case, painted Silver or plated Chrome/Zinc? Also is there supposed to be Rubber Gaiters covering the lower section?

Amish Warrior

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VOC Member
I worked out how to flip the Prop-stands down (after removing the Bolt) and use them as a stand to take the front wheel off, thanks to a Youtube video but I am unsure where the other end of the Spring (which appears to be missing) attaches too.

This is the Model of Magneto that it uses.

This is the inside of the Miller 6v Dynamo. Anything in particular that I need to know?

Another view of the Dynamo but showing the wear on brushes.

The Rubber/Leather Bushes at the rear of the Fuel Tank.

Amish Warrior

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VOC Member
This is just the Start of the Adventure and I have a Ton of Internet searches to do, YouTube videos to watch, a few "Old Boys" in both the "Velocette owner Club of Australia" and the "WA Classic Speedway Association" (both of which I am a Member) to ask questions of.

If anyone has any Advice, I am all ears....if you need any more Photos, I am happy to supply them. Cheers Tony


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Welcome! That is a lovely Comet.

First thing is to get photos of the numbers to Simon, the Machine Registrar, to see exactly what you have. Second, buy Richardson's book and the spares book.
Third, the bike is is pretty complete and mostly stock, so you have mostly eliminated two large issues.

Quickly, the wheels and mudguards look to be stock, except for the racing brake plates, which are a great improvement to stock plates. The front brake drums are Black Shadow, which is also an upgrade. The black rims could be stock. The inner spring boxes on the fork are cadmium plated, but often chromed or satin chromed by many owners. Some owners use gaiters, but I tend to believe that they do more harm than good. There should not be a lot of grease on the springs. The Girdraulic fork is stock. It looks like the springs may have been packed up with shims. This can be a very dangerous thing, so you will want to do some reading about this on the forum. Shorter springs or a new steering stem have been used by many owners.

The mag and generator are stock. Many owners have gone to a Lucas E3L generator with a 12v electronic regulator. If the Miller items work for you that would be great. If the mag is OK, great. If not a rebuild or a new ignition, or both. It depends a bit on your intended use.

The damper(s) has an aluminum lower, so it will stay silver. The cover comes off with three small screws and is painted black. You can buy a replacement that will work and not leak all the oil out. It is identical.

The tail light is not correct, but you can get the correct one with an LED bulb from the Club.

I have attached some Comet info that is not in the spares book in great detail. The horn is in the wrong spot, but it is not really important. The "herringbone" oil line is original. The plain gas line is not.

I would strongly urge you not to do anything to the cosmetics of this bike. I would consider this bike a little treasure because it reflects the period of its use by your dad. The little details are lovely and cannot be duplicated. On the other hand, the bike can be restored anytime by anyone. If I had a restored Comet I would trade it to you in a heartbeat for your bike. The bike can be made a good runner without a cosmetic restoration.

Good Luck!




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The carb cables routing looks good and the Cable Bend isn't needed there.


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VOC Forum Moderator
First thing is to get photos of the numbers to Simon, the Machine Registrar, to see exactly what you have. Second, buy Richardson's book and the spares book.
Tony has already contacted me and we established what his Comet is. The red paint that appears in places is probably due to a previous owner painting bits as the bike originally left the factory as a standard touring Comet painted black.


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Goto the Vincent spares web site and on the help page you will find a list of all the books with all you need to start with
I think jacquline bickerstaffs book on what a Vincent should look like is best for your immediate questions

greg brillus

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
That was one of Barry French's bikes. He had 2 Comets that I know of, and a red Rapide with a Steib sidecar attached. The Rapide is still for sale, but it is not an original red one. That might explain the red paint on some of the parts on this Comet, I had seen a box of left over spares and many of the parts were painted in red. The other Comet still lives up here in Qld and its owner has done a full resto on it. Your bike is a nice original bike, and I have seen it up close (in the back of a van) you don't see many Touring models here in Australia, and as suggested, it would be good to leave it in that condition........... The leaking carby is normal, mostly due to leaking fuel taps (leaking internally) this is more than the standard needle/seat in the float bowl can handle and the carb will drip, though it is not a fault, if the fuel supply is stopped properly, the carb will stop dripping. You have done the right thing by asking on this forum..........Good luck with it all......... Cheers....... Greg.


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If the lefthand footrest hanger is not bent then you can just replace/straighten the part the rubber fits on, it screws into the hanger and is locked by the thin nut..If the right hand hanger is bent the it can be straightened a LITTLE cold but if it's a big bend then it needs heating to cherry red (goodbye chrome)..
I run my Comet clutch cable down the left of the oil tank just go through the gap above the rubber then under the tank to get a smoother run into the gearbox..i think MartynG posted a pic on this site a while ago.
Just found the pics..12 Nov 2017. It's handy using the search box at the top of the page..John


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I wish my Comet acquired last year was in the original trim yours is change as little as you can it is a gem.


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What Davidd, Greg and Chris say. Clean and preserve. It is a window to the past.


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Welcome form me and may I say the quality of your photography is astonishing. What camera etc? Oh and about the Comet - looks excellent.My policy was to follow the following procedure.
1 Start it - runs ok? If not find out why and fix.
2 Ride it - all OK? if not find out why and fix.
3 Look at it - nice? if not find out why and fix.

Have fun!